About Us

Message From President
Buana Laut Nusantara cv is seafoods  company   which  is very concerned  to customer satisfaction throughout the world.Our company is managed by professional management team. Indonesia is the biggest and potential marine resources in tropical area, with various kinds of seafoods, so we are confident to give service with steady and continuous supply.

Long term  business relationship  and mutual cooperation  with potential partner   are our target to develope and expand seafood business in the global market.

Warm regards,


President Director

Alex Faisol Tasan Wartono


Vision and Mission


Buana Laut Nusantara cv becomes the best and the most concern in quality Seafood Company in Indonesia



Buana Laut Nusantara, cv develops its business strengten in the seafood industry through:


Company Profile

Company Name Buana Laut Nusantara, CV

Head Office Jl. PR Sukun no. 3, Kudus, Gondosari, Gebog, Kudus, 59354, Indonesia


Jl. Kima VI Kav F1/ B1 Makassar 90243 Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

Year of Establishment 2011

Overseas Market USA, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia

Processing Certificate HACCP Certified

Production Capacity Frozen Fish and Cephalopods Products , 500 tons
(per year)

Processing Plant Frozen Fish and Cephalopods Processing , 1 Plant


Food Safety and Security System

Continuous training for all employees to improve the hygiene, awareness, the food safety and security program, and so on. All trainings are well scheduled and well recorded into our database to be reviewed later by the management team.


Research and Development

Our research and cevelopment team updated the latest seafood industrial news and issues. Experiments and findings will help us to constantly improve quality efficiency and value added seafood products.

The food safety system focuses on reducing the number of illness by microbiology contamination of food and water. The scopes of the system are inclusive for activities of controlling microbiology hazards,chemical contaminants, physical hazards, water used in the production and other hazards related to production systems. The food security system is designed to guard against intentional acts of tampering or contamination of the food we produce. This security system covers the prevention of intentional contamination of the products, starting from receiving raw material until the process of delivering the food to our customers. By implementing the food safety and security system, we assure that our product are safe, secure and wholesome.


Processing Facilities

Air Blast Freezer (-40 degree Celcius)